8 reasons why Australia and New Zealand are great countries for Salesforce professionals

Skill shortage

Right now there is huge demand for Salesforce professionals in Australia and New Zealand. The demand cannot be met with local talent as there are significant skill shortages across all Salesforce roles within the region. Because of this, more and more companies are now looking to overseas talent to meet the demand and that’s where you come in…

Our beautiful weather

If you’ve had enough of waking up every morning to grey skies and drizzle or sweltering humidity, then you’ll love Australia and New Zealand. Of course nowhere is perfect, we still get rain and storms, and occasionally it’s a bit chilly, but more often than not the sun is shining, the temperature is nice and people aren’t moaning about the weather! Love your winter sports and you still want your snow fix? New Zealand’s south island is fantastic for skiing, and Australia even has a couple of ski resorts of its own, about six hours drive from Sydney!

Career progression

As you will now know, as a Salesforce professional your expertise is highly sought after in Australia and New Zealand. Companies have been customer centric long before it became a buzzword and there is a genuine culture of innovation, which is one of the reasons Salesforce has done so well here. What this means for you is that you’ll get the opportunity to work on some great projects, get awesome experience and you’ll be able to accelerate your career and add loads of value.


Our outdoor lifestyle & sport

In Australia and New Zealand people live their lives outside, whether it’s a BBQ at the beach with friends, a surf or sail after work, or a weekend hike in the mountains. Aussies and Kiwis love to be active and sport quite literally is a religion, regardless of whether you are playing or just watching. Australia’s former Prime Minister John Howard once remarked that the most important job in Australia was that of its national cricket captain and not the Prime Minister! No doubt the New Zealanders feel the same way about their rugby captain as well.

Multi cultural society

Modern Australia and New Zealand were created by migrants in search of a better life. If you are looking to make the region your home, you will be welcomed with open arms and find it very easy to settle. In the Salesforce community in particular, there are large Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and European social units already here, plus many other nationalities.


You’ll live in the best cities in the world

In the annual Economist Newspaper report on the world’s most liveable cities, Australia and New Zealand do rather well! Auckland ranks 9th globally, Perth 8th, Sydney 7th, Adelaide 5th, and then Melbourne, which has been ranked as the world’s most liveable city for five years running, finishes ahead of Vienna and Vancouver. Not bad, right?!

Clear and defined route to permanent residency citizenship

We’ve touched on this in detail in the Immigration Section, but in summary, Australia and New Zealand offer two of the most straightforward and quickest routes to secure permanent residency and citizenship. The process is far clearer than most countries in Europe and North America.

Australia and New Zealand are great places to explore

Once you’ve moved over, you will have some of the world’s most famous sights right on your doorstep. The Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and New Zealand’s Southern Alps, where they filmed the Lord of the Rings, are only a few hours’ flight away from the major cities. Then there are all of the wine regions, the tropical islands, the National Parks and everything else you can imagine. The list really is endless.