A day in the life of a Senior Salesforce Administrator

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Today Talent Hub release the first entry of a new HubInsights series – A day in the life.

Talent Hub will be showcasing a typical day in the life of well known Salesforce professionals to give you an insight into what you can expect to be involved in as you progress through the Salesforce ranks and take on new Salesforce positions.

We start the series with Christine Crespo, a highly experienced Salesforce Administrator. Christine has provided some very valuable insights for anyone looking to become a Salesforce Administrator or to take on more responsibility in their current Salesforce Administrator role. Over to Christine:

Every Salesforce Administrator position is different,  it really depends on your company and your org. One day you could spend your day configuring the platform and the next is training new users or sitting in project meetings.

I have had the opportunity to work with many great clients and what I have learned through my years of working with Salesforce is that as you advance your career as a Salesforce Administrator, your business looks to you to be a Subject Matter Expert. I’m lucky enough to be in a role where I work on BAU tasks as well as being exposed to project work. You might notice through my average day, I don’t just configure Salesforce, but I work with our various stakeholders to help them get the most out of their Salesforce platform and drive best practice.

Take a look at my typical day as a Salesforce Administrator; see how I leverage the technology and how I spend my day with the business:

7.15am – Rise and Shine! Time to start my day.

8.00am – Having technology at my fingertips, I log into Salesforce1 on my commute to scan over cases that have been raised by our regional offices to see what technical issues I will have to attend to for the day.

8.45am – Sprint up the Gloucester Walk stairs to the office in hopes that they one day won’t hurt my legs…today is not that day.

9.30am – Have a morning Stand Up with my manager and team to talk about what we worked on the previous day, what items we will work on for the day, and what are any blockers in achieving our tasks. Today is the day where meetings are king!

10am –  Have a 1-1 meeting with my manager to talk through any business challenges, projects and my career goals. In short, I work with him on my plan for world domination! 🙂

10.30am – I meet with our reporting guru to go over some of his Salesforce reporting requirements and ensure that our users are getting accurate reports and dashboards so they are successful.

11.30am – Core meeting for project #1. Have we met the deliverables? Are there any show stoppers? Is everyone using and loving the platform? YES!

12pm – Grab lunch and come back to my desk to power through my cases from the business and start planning for my next meeting.

1pm – Attend project meeting #2 to provide SME advice to the stakeholder. From a Salesforce Admin point of view, I need to think about this from the business and technical side. I love this part of my job! Is the technical solution correct? Are the processes clear? It’s a long session, but we are definitely gearing towards the right outcome.

2pm – Sprint to project meeting #3 across the road and check Salesforce1 for cases that are coming through from our APAC users. It’s time to work with our stakeholders to finalise their requirements for project #3 and work with our wider Salesforce team to estimate, allocate tasks, and come up with a time frame for delivery. We’ve got a lot on, but we are an awesome team. We can do this!

3.30pm – Finally! Time to sit and action the cases that came through overnight and during the day and solve our users technical issues so they can complete their tasks. I’ll work during the rest of the day to start analysing ways we can can improve our Salesforce instance and make sure our users getting the most out of their Salesforce experience.

5.45pm  – It’s time to shutdown my laptop and head to boxing, my favourite part of the day. It gives me an outlet to channel my energy from the day and clear my head.

9.30pm – Lights out!

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