Are these avoidable mistakes costing you your next Salesforce hire?

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Talent Hub is fortunate to work with companies of all shapes and sizes across Australia and New Zealand – from global consulting firms to disruptive finance companies and education providers.

Salesforce talent is scarce in ANZ so companies with an efficient hiring process are giving themselves the best possible chance of securing the right candidate before their competitors.

Unfortunately not all companies have adapted to the challenges of the Salesforce market so we are still seeing companies make a number of mistakes, meaning their approach and time to hire is having a negative impact on their ability to secure Salesforce talent.

Below are some of the mistakes we are seeing quite frequently, and they are easily avoidable!


Approaching Salesforce recruitment in the same way as recruitment for other skill sets


Companies will typically have a blueprint for how they recruit talent. Unfortunately this is often a blanket approach meaning their method for hiring a Senior Salesforce Developer is the same as their approach to hiring an IT Support Technician, an Executive Assistant or an Accountant!


Whereas you may get a good volume of applications from a job advertisement for some skill sets, you are very unlikely to attract the top talent in the ANZ Salesforce market by advertising on recruitment advertising platforms such as Indeed and Seek etc.


In fact, a mere 21% of Salesforce professionals in ANZ say that job boards are the first place they look for a new role. So if your recruitment strategy relies solely on advertising on a job board or engaging recruitment companies who have to advertise on a job board to attract candidates then you are effectively dismissing 79% of the ANZ Salesforce talent pool…


Asking candidates to complete a lengthy practical assessment


As you may have seen from our previous articles, we are big believers in technical tests and feel that they are the only way to properly assess a candidate’s capabilities. However we do not feel that a technical test should:


– Take up a large chunk of the candidates time (1-2 hours max)

– Be done anywhere other than in the hiring companies offices

– Require someone to manually review and test the assessment after the candidate has completed it


On the occasions that we do see companies asking candidate to complete a technical assessment, we feel the process is far too lengthy and means the candidate is very likely to receive other job offers in the meantime. Typically the candidate will complete the assessment over 3-5 days and then a company employee will take another 3-5 days to review the assessment and provide feedback. Practical assessments are very important, but so too is the speed in which they are conducted due to how competitive this market is!


A multi stage IV process, spread out over multiple days/weeks


Hiring processes need to be thorough – there is no denying that (in fact there are plenty of companies who need to make their processes more thorough). But spreading interviews out over multiple different stages, over many days and weeks doesn’t mean that it’s any more thorough than completing the interview in one or two days. The longer the process takes, the greater chance that the candidate will have been approached about other opportunities – which could inevitably get their attention and mean you losing out.


We recommend a one stage interview process for contract roles and a two stage interview process for permanent positions, if they are scheduled within a day or two of each other. If your business feels that there needs to be an extra round then you should consider combining the stages rather than adding additional meetings.

If its taking multiple weeks to complete an interview process then there is a good chance the best candidate for your role will have other offers on the table by the time you get around to offering them.


In summary, if you love them – so will every other company and hiring manager – so snap them up quickly!


Paying too much attention to words on a CV and matching them to a job description


In an ideal world, every Salesforce Developer would have their Platform II certification, every Administrator would have their Advanced Administrator certification and every candidate that applies for your role would have relevant industry experience. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and it is incredibly rare for a candidate to tick every box on a job description.


If your candidate screening process consists of looking for specific words on a candidates resume then you could be overlooking a pool of candidates who are just as capable if not more capable of performing your requirement.


In fact we have many clients who even allow us to book candidate interviews straight into their diary without the need for them to first review the candidates CV. We aren’t suggesting that this should necessarily be the norm – but it certainly helps speed up the process. Our clients trust that as Salesforce recruitment specialists – we know their business and the market well enough not to waste their time with unsuitable candidates.

And they also know that these few and far between candidates are hard to come by and need to be met ASAP if they want to secure them for their team.


If you would like to discuss how Talent Hub can help you find your next Salesforce superstar, please call Ben on 0405838965.

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