Bradley Rice on helping individuals level up their Salesforce careers and the world of independent consulting [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we speak with USA-based Founder of TalentStacker, and independent Salesforce Consultant, Bradley Rice.
Bradley has carved a successful career and business for himself, aligning to his commitments of achieving genuine work-life balance, through independent consulting, or freelance work. We discuss how he first became introduced to the idea of freelancing, and the strategies he’s adopted to grow his business. He shares the challenges that he faces, how he overcomes them, and how it has led to the inception of helping others do the same.
Throughout the episode, we discuss his Salesforce career and the path that he took, as well as where the idea first originated to start his business, TalentStacker, to help individuals start their Salesforce careers, and Salesforce professionals level up their careers. We discuss the impact that 2020 and the emergence of remote working has had on the market, and what excites him about the opportunities that it opens up.
The episode will be useful to people who are interested in finding out more about freelancing in the Salesforce ecosystem, and likewise, if you’re new to the space, or are considering moving roles. Bradley has tips for optimising your odds of success and how to secure a role outside of searching on job boards.
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