Chris Pearson-leading Salesforce teams and managing large environments

Chris Pearson on leading Salesforce teams and managing large environments

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Chris Pearson an Enterprise CRM Applications Director joins Ben Duncombe in today’s episode of the Talent Hub Talk Podcast.

Chris Pearson talks us through his early career, how he came to work with the Salesforce platform, and what the transition into leadership was like for him. We discuss the importance of still staying close to the technology as your responsibilities and teams grow, and what changes when you manage bigger and bigger environments.

Chris provides some tips on what a Salesforce Leader can do to make a quick impact when joining a new business, how he approaches building trust with team members and talks candidly about some of the team retention challenges he faced over the last couple of years.

Finally, Chris shares some advice on working with Salesforce Partners and Account Executives as well as discussing leadership lessons he wishes he knew earlier in his career.

You can connect with Chris on his Linkedin page!

We hope you enjoy the episode.

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