How to find a great Salesforce job in Australia or New Zealand

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If you have read through all of the sections on the Australia and New Zealand Salesforce Hub then you will now be better informed about the two countries, the Salesforce markets and the immigration options available to you. Below we have put together some further information that should help you understand how you can go about securing your first role in Australia or New Zealand.


Permanent resident or company sponsored visa?

There are a few companies who will sponsor your work visa, however this is only if you are very experienced and they have exhausted the local talent pool. It is our recommendation to get your Australian or New Zealand permanent residency before you arrive – ( We know it’s not cheap but you will have a significantly more opportunities available to you, more bargaining power to earn a higher salary and most importantly you’ll be able to choose the company that is right for your future career and not just the company who is able to sponsor.


Should you work with specialist Salesforce recruiter to find a job?

The two main job boards are Seek and Indeed, with a large number of jobs also advertised on Linkedin. Not all Salesforce positions are advertised though, which is why it is important to partner with a specialist Salesforce recruitment company, like Talent Hub. By doing so, you’ll have local specialists on your side, who are truly embedded in the Salesforce community, able to understand your skill set and experience, and can fully advise you about the market. This will mean that you are presented with the full range of opportunities that match your skills and career goals, and you have the greatest chance of finding the perfect role for you.


Getting a job before you move or waiting until you arrive?

There are a small number companies who are comfortable hiring candidates directly from overseas and will do all of the interview stages over video conferencing. The very large majority of companies will want to meet you face-to-face though before committing to offering you a job. We understand people want the perceived security of having a job to arrive with, however you will have significantly more jobs opportunities available to you if you move over first.

Talent Hub would like to speak with you as soon as you are thinking of applying for your visa so we can discuss your options. We can then carry on the conversations throughout the process, and when your visa is nearing approval, we can speak more formally about your job search and line up a number of interviews with potential clients before you arrive.


Contracting or permanent?

This is totally personal preference. There are positives and negatives to both. Simply speaking, working on a contract allows you to try out a company before committing to working with them permanently. You can also stand to earn more money as a contractor, but a permanent role would give you a greater amount of security, which people often want when they move to a new country.


Which location to choose?

As mentioned before, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, and Auckland in NZ are where the majority of the vacancies are. Working in another location doesn’t mean you won’t find a job, but it would mean that you have less options available longer term.


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