Glenda Birch on leading through change effectively, and supporting customers within a landscape of adaptation [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Glenda Birch, who is a Managing Partner at DXC, leading the System Partners brand. 

We enjoyed hearing Glenda’s story of discovering the sales industry and the Salesforce space, including how she has progressed in her career to the position that she’s in today. 

As a passionate female in tech, we talk about her leadership style, and her thoughts on diversity and creating cohesive teams for the future. She explains how she has led through change and crisis during this period, and we discuss the importance of flexibility, motivation, and a commitment to the well-being of team members. 

COVID has impacted customers globally in many ways, and Glenda explains how their own have adapted, and how DXC has pivoted to support project outcomes and deliverables. 

Glenda explained how different regions across the country have become more exposed to Salesforce, outside of the traditional Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane markets. She shares her insights and predictions into which cities could potentially grow in the near future as Salesforce hubs, and we discuss the possible impacts around talent pipelines. 

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