Gourav Sood

Gourav Sood on life before Salesforce and his journey from 0 certs to Salesforce CTA in 3 years

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In today’s episode, we are excited to be joined by Gourav Sood, a Salesforce CTA and the Head of Engineering and Architecture for Ingenuity in Sydney.

Through the episode, Gourav shares why he pursued a career in IT and what the first decade of his career looked like, before he found the Salesforce ecosystem. He explains how he first came across Salesforce and what he initially thought, and then how he became much more aware and interested in the platforms capabilities later in his career when he was working in an Integration Architect role, working with Mulesoft but in a Salesforce environment. Gourav then actually joined Salesforce without having worked in a Salesforce role before, so he explains what this was like and how he was able to get up to speed quickly with the internal training programs.

Gourav talks us through how he went from no Salesforce experience and 0 certifications to Salesforce CTA within 3 years. He talks about the challenges that the CTA presented and how this journey evolved for him. Finally, Gourav talks about his new role with Ingenuity, why he chose it and what skills he hopes to build within the practice over time.

You can connect with Gourav on Linkedin for his updates and we hope you enjoy the chat.

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