Gregory Gifford talking on THT about Marketing Cloud

Gregory Gifford on his Marketing Cloud journey and the power of the Salesforce community

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to be joined by Gregory Gifford, a Salesforce MVP and the author of Automating Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

We explore Greg’s early career aspirations, how he was first exposed to Marketing technology and how he has seen marketing automation evolve over the years.

Greg talks about his initial experience with ExactTarget, how the platform has expanded since the Salesforce acquisition and when he first acknowledged the power of the Salesforce community.

We look at the differences between working client and agency side, as well as discuss the skills that are required in a Salesforce Marketing Cloud team.

Finally, Greg shares some advice for anyone on the periphery of the Salesforce ecosystem and explains who will find value in his book.

For any further enquiries, you can connect with Greg on his Linkedin page.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

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