Justin Gavette on growing personally and professionally in the Salesforce ecosystem, and the importance of open communication in the workplace

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In today’s episode we are delighted to be joined by Justin Gavette, a Salesforce Platform Manager and the Atlanta Non Profit User Group Leader.

Justin shares his career journey before Salesforce, how he moved into the Salesforce ecosystem and some advice for people that come from a non technical background, who may be looking to join the Salesforce ecosystem themselves.

Justin explains what being a member of the Salesforce ecosystem has meant for him both professionally and personally. He shares some of the challenges he faced with remote working through the pandeminc and we discuss depression, social anxiety and the importance of open communication in the workplace.

Finally Justin highlights some of the initiatives that he is most passionate about and the people that have inspired him most in the Salesforce community.

Make sure you’re following Justin on Twitter (@sfdcjunkie__c) and his website www.sfdcjunkie.com for his updates and we hope you enjoy the chat.

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