“Clicks Not Code” and other key messages from Dreamforce 2017

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The Salesforce community has been waiting excitedly for Dreamforce 2017 and in particular, Salesforce Founder and CEO, Marc Benioff’s keynote. Talent Hub took this year’s Dreamhire Winner to find out what’s in store for the Salesforce landscape for the coming 12 months.

Marc’s message throughout the keynote, and in fact the underlying overall message delivered by Salesforce throughout the conference so far has been clear. They want to make it all about “you”, the user, the customer, the people.  Marc summarised nicely when he said, “it’s about people, not technology”. It’s “clicks not code”.

There have been a number of exciting product announcements and features underpinning this message throughout the conference. Furthermore, there’s been encouragement that any user can develop a Salesforce app going forward, and you don’t need to be a coder to do it. Customization and ease of use is at the heart of the new product feature suite which includes myTrailhead, myEinstein, mySalesforce, my IOT and myLightning. This is particularly exciting in a Salesforce eco-system which is predicted to create 3.3 million new jobs by 2022.

Customisation and branding is a key feature component, and one that Talent Hub is particularly excited about for our own business. It’s all about empowering us as customers and making Salesforce even more accessible to non-experts than ever before. Numerous customers showcased what they’re doing with the Salesforce platform such as T-Mobile, The Adecco Group and Adidas, to name only a handful.

What does this mean for Trailhead?

Given our own recent contribution to the Trailhead learning path in the APAC region with the creation of Trailhead Tuesdays in Sydney and Melbourne, we’ve also been very pleased to hear Salesforce emphasize their investment into this online learning tool throughout the Dreamforce 2017 conference. It’s such a fantastic gamified learning tool which has been around since 2014, but it just got infinitely better with the introduction of myTrailhead.

Geared towards business being able to upskill their employees in an innovative and fun environment, business will now actually be able to customise the platform with their corporate content and branding. Features unveiled in the new myTrailhead update include:

  • Trail Maker

This is a guided setup tool that enables organisations to create customised learning content for their employees all using their own branding. Companies will be able to do this using clicks not code. With Trail Maker, businesses will be able to write and create their own content or customize the existing library of public Trailhead content. With Trail Maker, companies will be able to use the tool for new employee onboarding to proactively engage new hires.

  • Trailhead Profile 

This s a complete overview of an employee’s skills, using the Trailhead badges earned and points accumulated. Rewards and ranks gamify learning and career advancement. When employees want to switch roles or take on a special project at a company, managers will have a complete view of their skill set to help recruit internally and complement the promotion process.

  • Trail Mixer 

This enables employees to build and share a collection of custom learning paths called Trailmixes. These can be created from public Trailhead content, custom content built on the platform or external content. Again, ths can be used in the onboarding process consolidating internal and external material to simulate the role the person is being onboarded into.

  • Trail Tracker

This is an app that motivates employees with gamified leaderboards and enables managers to assign and track personalized learning across their organization.

  • Trail Checker 

This rates and rewards learning by allowing companies to build interactive challenges designed to assess skills. Again, gamified learning supports continuous improvement and gives manager’s unique snapshot into their team to achieve success.

Trailhead allows people from all walks of life carve themselves a career in the cloud. If you’re interested yourself and you’re based in Sydney or Melbourne, then join our Talent Hub Trailhead Meet Up Group. We’d love to meet you!

Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017

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