Are you effectively marketing your opportunity to Salesforce professionals?

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There is a reason that Talent Hub have never spent a single dollar on advertising individual Salesforce roles on job boards. 100% of the Salesforce professionals we have placed have been sourced through other channels, and we have no plans to start advertising on job boards any time soon.
We absolutely encourage our clients to advertise roles directly, as there is a chance that that role may just be seen by the right candidate, at the right time. But we see no value in us advertising the role at the same time and just hoping that the perfect candidate applies for our advert and not our clients.

Let’s look at the stats:

  • A quick look on a well known job board, shows that there are currently 1,735 jobs that mention Salesforce in Australia and 154 in New Zealand
  • Only 4% of Salesforce in ANZ are currently in between roles
  • Only 26% of Salesforce professionals in ANZ say that job boards are the first place that they go, when they start to look for a new role
  • 81% of Salesforce professionals in ANZ are contacted 2 or more times per month, with 34% being contacted 5 or more times
So, the stats don’t lie, but let’s imagine the perfect Salesforce candidate does find their way on to a job board and starts scrolling through opportunities, deciding which roles to apply for. How do you get their attention? 
  • Scrap the template. You may get great success telling less in demand candidates what you expect from them, but a Salesforce professional wants to know what they can expect from you. What are you doing with the platform that is really going to excite them? What will they learn in your environment that is going to push them to the next level?
  • Be realistic. If you don’t have the most cutting edge, complex and exciting Salesforce environment – why are you asking for 5 + years experience? There are some incredibly talented, hungry Salesforce rookies out there just waiting for an opportunity like yours so don’t put them off because you are saying that you need something that you do not.
  • What do your employees really love about working for your company? Give your advert some energy, passion and be proud of what your company stands for.. don’t just say what you do, say why you do it!
  • Don’t just copy and paste what you have seen elsewhere. There is a good chance it wont make much sense.. Seeking a Salesforce Administrator who has good experience with solution architecture, front end development skills and a degree in travel and tourism. You need a what?
We can’t promise that following these steps is going to miraculously mean a huge increase in job applicants, but it is much more likely that a Salesforce professional will apply for your role if they do happen to land on your job advert, and you have followed this advice.
If you want to ensure your role is being seen by the right people and that the message is clear, credible and on the enticing then speak to Talent Hub today.


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