PwC and FlowRepublic on developing and nurturing the next generation of CTAs

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In today’s episode, we’re thrilled to be joined by Taryn-Lee Potgieter, Manager, PwC South Africa, Kevin Jackson, Salesforce Consultant, PwC Belgium, Sam Wadhwani, Senior Manager, PwC UK and Sebastian Wagner, CTA and Master Coach of FlowRepublic.

PwC has in recent times, worked hard to build their internal architecture capability, and as a result, has moved from zero to eight CTAs in the EMEA region. Theirs is the largest number of CTAs in one practice in the region, and so we discuss with the team the impact that the shift has had on the success that they’ve seen with clients, as well as the team itself.

PwC have developed their people with the support of the external training expertise of FlowRepublic and we explore the details of the initiative further, as well as the Architecture tracks currently in development to get team members CTA programme-ready.

Lastly, the PwC guests explain the value of CTAs within the business, how mentorship has played a big part in their commitment to nurturing talent, and the impact that their dedication to training has had on current team members and future hires alike.

You can check out our sponsors, FlowRepublic for details about the Elite Salesforce Academy coaching programme mentioned in this episode, and a big thank you for their support in bringing you this episode.

Make sure you’re following Taryn, Kevin, Sam and Sebastian on LinkedIn for their updates and that you check out their careers pages for current opportunities. We hope you enjoy the chat!

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