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You’ve read a number of blogs on how best to write a resume that will secure an interview for your ideal next Salesforce role. You’ve performed several roles recently where your daily tasks are very similar. Should you just copy and paste the tasks from a job description to explain what you do?

How should you write your Salesforce resume?

Spoiler, the hiring manager already knows which tasks you’re likely to perform for your Salesforce job title. They’re looking to understand your achievements and context your rather than your overall tasks performed. Our advice is to stop writing your CV like example 2.

We regularly see resumes that are written like example 2 in this picture. They quite often have the exact same bullet points under each role, over and over again.

What we have written under example 1, may or may not make any actual sense from a Salesforce technology perspective, but at least someone reading it can:

– Understand the environment
– Understand what the person did, with business context
– Understand what the person achieved

We guarantee that you will get a better response from your job applications if you provide some business context and stop just bullet pointing words, tasks and products.

How long should your Salesforce resume be?

This actually mattters less than you’d think, and so if there’s meaningful detail there on projects you’ve be involved in which really tell the story, don’t feel that you need to limit yourself to a one pager. The idea that you have 5 seconds to grab a hiring manager’s attention is not something to pay attention to, they’re more likely to be searching a resume for detail which tells them if you’ve worked with particualr clouds or products before, if you’ve got experience with similar sized user bases previously etc. and so it’s important to provide these kinds of insights.

However, the information on your resume needs to be relevant. You don’t need pages and pages of historical roles and projects if they aren’t relevant to the work you are doing now. You don’t need to list every task that you did on a project 5 or 10 years ago.

In our opinion, there is no maximum length for a resume as long as everything that is there, is going to be relevant to the companies and roles you are applying for.

Hopefully this information has provided some clarity, and will help you in effectively communicating your Salesforce experience. 

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