Military Trailblazer (Career/Branding) Office Hours [VIDEO]

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Ben Duncombe was recently honoured to be a guest speaker at the Military Trailblazer (Career/Branding) Office Hours with David Scott Nava.

This session covered:

  • which roles are currently the most in demand and where demand is likely to grow in the future
  • how to best develop your skillset and specialise to differentiate yourself
  • differences between the APAC and US Salesforce market
  • what a recruiter for looks in your resume
  • what companies are looking for in a candidate
  • how has remote working impacted the future ways of working
  • how being open to office working could open up more opportunities to you
  • how important are college/University degrees in the Salesforce world
  • what a recruiter screening might involve, and how internal HR versus agency might differ
  • setting boundaries around salaries, hours, flexibility
  • negotiation techniques
  • trends on salary paybands
  • standing out by becoming a creator
  • stand out by posting content on LinkedIn
  • what to wear to interviews

We reference a podcast episode with Pooja Ramesha in the session, which you can listen to here.




📽 You can join the Military Trailblazer Office Hours LinkedIn group for future sessions, here:

☁ These weekly office hours provide a forum for Military Trailblazers and Allies to discuss best practices for enhancing their Salesforce careers through professional development activities and branding. Your invitation to take part in this collaborative mentorship opportunity!

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