Satyashil Awadhare on his journey through the Salesforce ecosystem and embracing new challenges

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In today’s episode we are delighted to be joined by Satyashil Awadhare, a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.

Satyashil  talks us through his early career and how he fell into Salesforce having explored some different career paths. He explains what his first day as a ‘Salesforce Expert’ looked like and how his journey evolved, from Developer to Architect and then Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.

Satyashil explains what it was like when he first emigrated to Australia from India, and what the early challenges were. He talks us through when the CTA became a goal for him and what sparked the interest, as well as what it was like preparing for the Review Board as a Salesforce employee.

Having worked for Salesforce consulting business as well as Salesforce themselves, Satyashil explains the difference between a Program Architect and a Technical Architect role, and then explains what he is most excited about from his most recent move and a new experience, working on the customer side with Google in San Francisco.

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