Sebastien, a Salesforce Developer came to Sydney from France on a 417 visa

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How long have you been in Australia and how long prior had you been planning to make the move?
I have been in Australia for a little bit more than 2 years. I started to plan about 6 months before I actually flew to Australia.


What visa did you initially enter Australia on? Are you still on the same visa?
The visa I entered in Australia with was a Working Holiday Visa (417), Currently I hold a Temporary Work Visa (457) and I am on the process of getting a Skilled Independent visa (189).


Why did you choose to come to Australia on that visa? What other options did you consider?
I came to Australia on a 417 visa because I wanted to travel a little bit before actually settling up in Sydney.
Also, because this visa can be renewed for 1 additional year, I had 1.5 years after my travel to get a Work visa.


What was the process for securing the visa? How long did it take?
The 417 visa is easy to get and cheap compared to other visas, so it’s a convenient way to get into the country. When I actually started to look for a Salesforce position in Sydney, it took me about 5 weeks to get my first job. I started with a 6 months contract and the company sponsored me for a 457 visa at the end of the contract.


What was the hardest thing about relocating to Australia?
Reduced quality of life until I finally got the 457 visa approved.


What would you have done differently?
Probably would have traveled by plane rather that on an old van. On the job part, I would have been much more prepared.


How did you secure your first role in Australia? What advice would you give to a Salesforce job hunter looking to secure their first role in Australia?
Because I wasn’t prepared enough, I wasted some good opportunities I had through recruiters. Finally got my 1st job by contacting end user companies through LinkedIn directly and got lucky.
Be ready to start with a 6 months contract as this is a very common thing, very few companies would sponsor someone straight away. Be ready to accept an administrator position if you are a developer or a BA, you’ll easily move back to development or BA later. Find yourself a good recruiter who can brief you properly and prepare yourself.


What advice would you have for a Salesforce professional looking to move to Australia?
Get 2-3 years of relevant experience first.
What have you found to be the main differences between living and working in Australia compared to your home country?
Living in Australia: Average life style and quality of life is much better.
Working in Australia: Much easier to get good opportunities and grow professionally. People value working well, not working late.


What do you most like about living and working in Australia?
The life style and the career opportunities available.


Why did you choose Australia in the first place?
Came here for study, loved it, tried to get a job but didn’t find any so I had to go back to France. Decided to get some professional experience for a couple of years and came back.


How has moving to Australia been good for your career?
I learned much more in 1.5 years working here than in 3 years working in France. Worked with people who trusted me and gave me opportunities I would not have had in France.


Have you now got an Australian accent?

I wish : )

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