Stephano Rose on bootstrapping a Salesforce Consulting practice and putting Mauritius on the map

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to be joined by Stephano Rose, the Founder of Nexavenu. Stephano talks about his education, why he decided to study Software Engineering and some major obstacles he had to overcome when he first started his degree.

He explains why he chose Accenture when he first joined the workforce and runs through the exposure he gained working in their Mauritian office, servicing European and North American clients. Stephano then explains why he started Nexavenu and where his entrepreneurial spirit comes from.

He describes the challenges he has faced since starting the business and the skills that he has had to learn along the way. Stephano talks openly about the difficulties that arise from bootstrapping a business, why he is honest with potential new employees about his expectations from them and the non-glamorous side of consulting they may face, and he also shares some tips on how others may be able to get started with their own consulting business.

Finally, we talk about his plans for the future, and how he aims to put Mauritius on the map and further expand his business into Africa and beyond.

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