Surajsingh secured Permanent Residency then received two job offers within 10 days of arriving in Melbourne

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I migrated to Australia from India in December 2015 with my wife on Permanent Resident Visas (Skilled Migration) which took us over a year to get approved.


Professionally, both of us were doing absolutely great back there in India. However, we always wanted to move and settle in Australia because of its high standard of living, quality of life and truckload of Salesforce opportunities.


As we know, Salesforce is probably the hottest technology in IT today and trust me if you work in Salesforce in Australia you will get at least two opportunity calls every week.


We settled in Melbourne because it’s the most liveable city in the world. Migration, in my view is the most significant turning point of ones life, after marriage 🙂 You have to think and plan many things and the foremost fear which can haunt you is securing your first job. How long will it take to get a job? How much financial backup will I need to be safe until I find a job? Where to stay? and so on.


Don’t worry, just relax! Ben and Talent Hub are here to take care of you. When we landed here I did not have any contacts in the Aussie Salesforce industry but I am very happy to tell you that I was able to secure two job offers in just 10 days from landing in Melbourne. Isn’t that amazing? It’s unbelievable for me. It was all because of Salesforce, Ben and Talent Hub.


Ben was the first person to contact me here and he knew exactly what I was looking for. He asked me my job preferences and offered me only those opportunities which I would be happy with. It has been around 5 months and I am enjoying the work and culture at the oldest and a greatest Salesforce Consulting company in Australia, Sqware Peg. Thanks Ben.


Australia has one of the biggest IT markets in the world which many people are unaware of. The work culture here is simply fantastic. People respect and appreciate you and your hard work. Also we are already getting an Aussie accent and we love it.


My advice to all those looking to migrate here is, come with a positive attitude. Migration is a huge step in life especially if you have a family to look after. If you come as a PR both you and your spouse can work and have a fulfilling career here.


If I knew about Talent Hub before leaving India I think I would have got a job before landing in Australia. Therefore, I suggest you to stay in touch with Talent Hub and keep updating them about your visa progress at regular intervals.


Finally, I wish you all the very best and look forward to welcoming you to Aussie Land!


    1. Congratulations Surajsingh. I’m at the very start of my Salesforce experience. Having worked in marketing for many years I was part of the selection group to choose Salesforce. That was at the last company. Then moved on to my next position with a new company and was part of the marketing team to work with Salesforce building systems that work for us In October I go to London for the Administration 1 then hope to start to build my experience at 53 some may say it’s a bit old to be changing careers but it’s never to late first a change.
      Good luck in your new life Australian style
      I am from the UK Oxford but live and work between Tenerife Spain and the UK
      Bye for now

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