So, you want to be a Salesforce contractor? We share 5 Tips

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As the Salesforce market continues to grow we are seeing a greater number of Salesforce professionals expressing an interest in contract work. Contract Salesforce jobs have always existed in the market, but the ratio of permanent to contract roles is closing, and more and more candidates are expressing an interest in becoming Salesforce contractors.

Contracting isn’t for everyone, but there are a number of reasons why some people favour contract engagements, and it isn’t always because they can earn more. That can definitely be the driving factor for many, but not all. The most common reasons we hear Salesforce professionals want to move into the contract market are:

  • Greater exposure to project work than when working as a full-time employee with an end user company
  • Less company politics
  • The ability to gain experience in different industries
  • The opportunity to take more holidays, in between contract engagements
  • Money. We have to mention it, as it is true that you CAN earn considerably more than in some comparable permanent positions.

So, with the contract market growing at the rate that it is, we thought you may be interested in our top tips – for anyone considering taking the plunge:

  1. Speak to a good, Qualified Accountant to establish the best payment structure for you, based on your personal situation. There are a few ways that you can structure your contract such as being PAYG through a recruitment company or setting up your own PTY LTD Company. This decision should be made after consulting a professional Accountant rather than taking advice from a Recruiter, friend or colleague.
  2. Don’t restrict your search to purely 12 month + contracts. We regularly speak to candidates who want to move into the contract market, but will only consider a contract that is 12 month or longer. 12 month contracts do exist, but the majority of contracts will start at 6 months (some may be less, and some may be more). We regularly see 6 month contract extending, and if you hold out for a 12 month contract, there is a good chance that you will miss out of some fantastic opportunities.
  3. Understand that notice periods can be shorter when contracting and that things can change quickly. We do not want to scare anyone away from contracting, but you should always enter any arrangement with your eyes wide open. Contract notice periods can be 1 month, similarly to permanent employment, but they can also be as little as 0 hours, with one or two weeks the most common. That means that if your project is cancelled, funding is cut, or you aren’t performing, you may not have the same luxuries that you would in a permanent role.
  4. Be very clear about your expectations. When you first speak to a company or recruitment agent about a contract (or permanent role for that matter) be very clear about your expectations. Often a company will have an approved budget and the difference between $800 including superannuation and $800 + superannuation is significant. Do not presume that the $800 you were quoted is plus superannuation as this could prove difficult to negotiate at the end of the process, if you find out that the company are expecting to pay you 9.5% less than you are expecting to be paid.
  5. The contract market will continue to grow (in our opinion). As more companies implement Salesforce and projects get longer and more complex, contract roles will become even more common. If you are a highly skilled Salesforce professional and are willing to be flexible on things such as location (not restricting your search to one suburb), daily rate etc., then there should be plenty of work for you now and in the foreseeable future. Which is the biggest contracting market in Australia currently? Find out in our most recent survey.

Contracting is rewarding in the Salesforce industry, and so if you are thinking about taking the leap and becoming a Salesforce contractor, then please reach out as we would love to discuss your plans and see how we can help.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the pros and cons contracting versus permanent employment, or talk to you about roles that we’re currently recruiting for, and so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

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