The Salesforce market…candidate short?

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As the new financial year gets going, we have seen an increase in the volume of new Salesforce opportunities hitting the market across certain regions of ANZ. 

It’s fair to say that there are more Salesforce professionals to choose from than this time last year, in some Salesforce skill sets.. but if you thought that COVID meant that finding your next Salesforce superstar just became easy, then you thought wrong.

There has been steady growth in the number of Salesforce professionals across ANZ over the last few years. Salesforce’s clicks not code mantra has enticed a long list of technical and non technical career and industry switchers, and even before COVID we had started to see an imbalance between the number of new entrants in the market, and the number of companies willing to hire potential over experience.

A few years ago, the biggest challenge that companies faced when hiring Salesforce professionals was the lack of people to choose from. You could previously advertise a Salesforce role and receive very few (if any..) applicants. This meant that you knew quite quickly that you needed to change your approach to recruitment, to market your role in a different way or to open up different recruitment avenues.

Now, when you open up a job order and see that 100 applicants that have applied for your role, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your job just got a lot easier. However, unfortunately, it didn’t get easier to hire quality talent, but it did just evolve into a different challenge. That of being able to make quick decisions and pull the highest quality applicants into a fast recruitment process whilst still giving a good candidate experience to every person that applied. And we’re absolutely not talking about years of experience necessarily here, superstars come in all forms.

Actually locating Salesforce professionals is no longer difficult, because all you need to do is look on Linkedin to establish that Salesforce professionals are now everywhere. The growth of Salesforce across ANZ (and globally) now means that you can find Salesforce professionals in government departments (state and federal), Not for Profits, FMCG, Gaming and Betting, Supermarkets, Higher Education, Medical, Banking and so on… basically every industry and sector that you can think of..

Yes, COVID has meant that some industries have been heavily affected, while others have prospered. Some amazing talent did hit the market, but in many cases, they were snapped up as quickly as they came on the market, or even beforehand. The top 20% of Salesforce talent, the real top quality Developers, Architects, Admins, and Consultants that everyone wants in their teams, are still in demand and have options. If they had applied for your role, would you have noticed them as stand out from the 99 others in the same way that you would have back before COVID when only 7 people might have applied for your role?

So what does this mean for you? It means that there is a good chance that the candidates you’re seeking, aren’t necessarily sat in that pile of applicants you have received from your online job advert.. and if they are.. they are unlikely to be available by the time you have filtered through and established that they are one of the candidates you want to meet. It means that your recruitment screening process needs to be fast, but very effective and that you can identify the right, from the wrong. Having an understanding of who is in demand in the market, talent-mapping from highly regarded projects or organisations, and how to pipeline. A candidate who might not be right for your current role now but could be right for a different role in the future, needs to be given a positive experience in your race for the top 20%. It means rethinking your recruitment process in this new environment and not falling into the trap of thinking that your organisation suddenly has the pick of the best.

As the Salesforce recruitment experts, we can help. If you’d like to talk further about how we can assist you with your recruitment strategy, we’d love to hear from you.

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