What do Salesforce professionals most want in a role?

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We speak to Salesforce professionals of all role types and levels of seniority on a daily basis about what they want in a role, and as you consider what you’re able to offer a potential new team member when recruiting for your latest Salesforce vacancy, we share the three areas that your talent pool are the most concerned about.
We find more often than not, that Salesforce job seekers tend to want to discuss three main topics when they consider a new role:

  1. Is the work something they want to do? Will they have the opportunity to learn new things? Will the work they’re doing in a new role push them to the next level? Is the company committed to Salesforce and will they have freedom to innovate and push the boundaries? Or.. will they just be doing things they have already done?
  2. Is the package worth moving for? Is the title a step up? Will they be getting an increase on what they are earning? Is there a bonus on offer? How often is the pay reviewed?
  3. Does the environment suit them? Is working from home only going to last through the COVID-19 period and then they’ll be expected to be working from the office five days a week? Are they encouraged to work the hours that suit them? Is the company family friendly?
It’s interesting how many companies think that only ticking off one of these boxes will mean that they are inundated with Salesforce applicants for their roles. In my experience, a company will need to meet the expectations in at least two of these areas if they are to attract, and most importantly retain top Salesforce talent.

For example…
Just paying a high salary, won’t excite the best Salesforce Developers if the work is boring, and they are tied to their desk. Offering the ability to work from home won’t entice the best Salesforce Admin if the pay is poor and the work is dull. Having the most challenging and interesting projects won’t keep a Salesforce Architect if they are working crazy hours every day, and other companies are paying more.

This does sound really simple, but it’s worth analysing how many of these three areas you are ticking off if you are struggling to attract new Salesforce team members.

Believe it or not, some companies have all three bases covered, so how will you compete?

If you’d like to talk further about how we can help you with your recruitment strategy, we’d love to hear from you!

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