Leo Alves on expanding his skillset as a Salesforce Developer, and remote onboarding during lockdown[VIDEO]

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In today’s episode we talk with Leo Alves, who has made the transition from the Dutch Salesforce market, across to Australia, with the timing coinciding to mean that he started in his new role during the Covid-19 lockdown.
He shares his experience and tips for other companies who find themselves facing this sudden challenge, and how to make the remote onboarding process as seamless as he has found his own.
Coming from a non-technical background, Leo became a Salesforce Developer but discovered a keen interest in other coding languages and expanding his development skill set.
We discuss with Leo how Salesforce is perceived from the broader Developer community, and how Salesforce is positioning the platform to become increasingly appealing to non-Salesforce-specific Developers. We talk about the market in Holland, and all that he is excited about for his new life Down Under.
You can follow Leo on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/leofilipealves/ and on Twitter at leofilipalves@
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