Mike Wheeler on training over 110,000 students in Salesforce, and the importance of creating your own experience [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by the creator of the Salesforce training platform that has helped over 110,000 students become Salesforce certified, Mike Wheeler.

Mike, who is based in the USA, has previously held various Salesforce roles himself, before using his talents to help others and we were fascinated to hear how he first became a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, and how the idea first sparked to move specifically into Salesforce training.
He shares his insight on the market, given his tenure in the ecosystem, and where he sees the most demand currently. We discuss how people can prepare themselves for roles and be well placed for success, given the growth that Salesforce is forecasting in what Mike calls, the ‘grand reopening’, and harness the idea of shaping an ‘experience’ to get ahead.
Mike explains the non-technical skills that companies typically look for, and we discuss the claim that you don’t need to be technical to excel at a career within the Salesforce space. Is it really true?
We enjoyed hearing success stories that Mike shares on the podcast of students using his platform, and the plans he has for the future to provide even more value to students as they discover the world of Salesforce and develop further in their careers.
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