Pia McKeown on building a diverse Salesforce team and leading successful technology delivery [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode we catch up with Salesforce Manager Engineer for National Australia Bank, Pia McKeown.

Pia has lived in a number of different countries and so we talked about what first brought her to Australia, her career before Salesforce, and how she has come to reach a senior role within the Salesforce ecosystem and made a life Down Under.

Pia has an interesting background and perspective, having worked both in consulting and client-side, and we discuss with her how she has steered and developed her career into a leadership capacity. Pia explains that transition, why she’s passionate about people management, which elements she considers to be crucial for effective leadership, and how she continues to improve daily as a leader.

Diversity is an area that Pia is committed to, and her work and dedication over the past two years has led her to achieve balance within her Salesforce team to where it currently sits at over 50% female to male, which is no easy feat within the technology space. We talk about how balance and diversity is a key component to growing a strong team, the reasons for this, and the challenges that her team have faced and overcome throughout the recent COVID-19 crisis.

Finally, we dive into large-scale technology transformation, agile delivery methodology within different organisations, and the impact of small, medium, and large user bases within technology delivery.

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