Astrid Clout on what makes a Salesforce implementation successful, and observations from 16 years in the Salesforce ecosystem [VIDEO]

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Today we’re joined by a respected and admired figure from the Salesforce ecosystem, Sydney based Accenture Managing Director, Astrid Clout.
Astrid first became a part of the Salesforce space in the early 2000’s, and having worked in both the UK and ANZ markets, gives us insights into both geographic locations and how she developed in her career as she moved across the world. We discuss the projects she has been involved in over the years and how they’ve evolved.
We look at the challenges that projects faced earlier in the decade and how they compare to now, as well as the differences between how teams are made up.
Astrid explains the roles that she’s played over the years, the aspirations she’s had, and how she has achieved her goals. As a hiring manager, Astrid gives us insight into what she looks for when she’s recruiting, and what makes Salesforce projects successful.
You can connect with Astrid on LinkedIn to continue following her journey, and check out Accenture here and follow them on LinkedIn.
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