Bibhu Pati on his path to Salesforce CTA and framing failure as a stepping stone to success [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Melbourne based Salesforce CTA, Bibhu Pati.

Bibhu is the CRM Practice Director at AFDigital and has an interesting background, having worked across the Salesforce ecosystems of India, Germany, and now Australia. 

Bibhu hadn’t initially set out on a career in I.T, and he explains in the episode how he transitioned from Sales into I.T, and how the two skillsets have complemented one another and enabled him to develop in his career. 

With both offshore experience in India and onshore project experiences in Germany and Australia, Bibhu has had challenges to navigate throughout this time, including setbacks as he pursued the goal of passing the CTA Review Board, which is known to have a painstakingly low pass rate. 

However, Bibhu has persevered and overcome difficult moments to turn situations around, and he talks us through his mindset approach and the influences that he’s embraced on his journey, in the form of coaches, mentors, and study buddies. 

He shares insights on the projects he’s worked on, the differences he sees in joining organisations at various stages of their growth, and his exciting plans for the future.

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