Carl Vescovi on the evolution of the Salesforce market in ANZ and his views on the current market [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we speak with Senior Principal at Slalom in Victoria, Australia, Carl Vescovi.
Carl has a unique perspective on the Salesforce market in the ANZ region given that he was one of the early professionals in the space and so we were interested to hear what it was really like back then. We hear about what implementations typically looked like in the past, as well as the Salesforce talent pool and how it has evolved.
We look back at his previous roles and how he was first drawn into the Salesforce space, including transitioning from sales into delivery, and what he has learned from his broad range of experiences.
We look at the elements that are challenging for customers in the current market and given the growing number of vacant Salesforce Developer roles which currently exist in an environment which increasingly favours clicks over code, why this could be the case. What does a Senior Developer actually look like in 2021?
Carl has built solutions himself which he shares with other Salesforce professionals and so we were interested to hear more about them, as well as what keeps him engaged and excited about the future of the platform.
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