Carter Wigell on the early days of Salesforce and the evolution of the consulting space [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by CEO of US based Salesforce consulting practice, Thunder, Inc, Carter Wigell.
Carter has a fascinating and unique story, having been one of the first 100 Salesforce employees back in 2001, and having been involved in a number of acquisitions within the consulting space throughout his career to date.
We discuss how he first became a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, what his initial thoughts were, and how he saw the business and platform grow exponentially over the years.
Carter explains why he made the decision to start his own business within the ecosystem, and we discuss the various ways that this can be approached, as well as his thoughts on optimising talent.
Having been involved in several high profile acquisitions in the past decade, he shares his insights in acquisitions, and the opportunities and challenges that come from them. There have been many developments in the market since then, and he explains his views on both the positive and more testing aspects, including his vision for his most recent business, Thunder, Inc.
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