Chris Mail on his Salesforce consulting journey and insight on current and future trends [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, which marks 100 episodes of Talent Hub Talk, we’re joined by experienced Consulting Practice leader, Chris Mail, who is based in NSW Australia.

Throughout the chat, Chris shares his early career background and how he initially became a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, actually working for Salesforce themselves back in 2008.
Chris talks us through starting and running a successful Consulting business of his own, which went on to be acquired by Deloitte, and how he then progressed in his career to become a Partner at PwC.
We talk about topics such as the obstacles and celebrations he faced along the way, the differences between boutique and larger Partners, how the platform itself has evolved, and where he sees the future headed for both himself and other professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem.
Chris gives a really candid insight into his own experiences and observations and has a fascinating perspective given his tenure and range of roles in the Salesforce ecosystem.
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