David Dawson on growing your Salesforce career from development into technical leadership [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Salesforce Engineering Manager, David Dawson, and this chat is a must-listen for anyone coming down the Developer track.
Crucially, we talk to David about his own journey down the lesser travelled path of management and technical leadership, as an alternative to the architecture route that many Salesforce Developers pursue.
David has accelerated his career in recent years by driving his Salesforce career in this direction, and we discuss with him his early days in development and the transitions he’s worked through to get to the point of where he is today.
We talk about his experiences working for a technology business, how his learning is amplified when working alongside high calibre Engineers, and how his principles and mindset were challenged to think differently, particularly when moving from smaller projects into enterprise-level projects.
We delve into how David interviews for his own team, what he looks for, and the tips and advice that he shares for others who find themselves at a similar fork in their own career path, from Salesforce Developer, with several routes to consider.
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