David Longhini on the world of Field Service and operating in a niche space [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by CEO and Co-Founder of the US based Salesforce consultancy, Empodio, David Longhini.
We discuss David’s background, how and why he became a specialist in the Field Service space, and explore his desire to become a business owner.
Empodio specialise in the Field Service space, and operate in a very specific niche, which opens the chat to dive into the evolving expectations of clients, where insights on industry and business challenges are sought after, rather than simply expertise in the technology.
We discuss the world of Field Service, and the benefits and challenges of operating in such a specific niche within the Salesforce space. This is a really interesting episode which not only explores emerging trends in the Salesforce partner landscape, but also the entrepreneur psyche.
Make sure you’re following David on LinkedIn for his insights, where you can also find his LinkedIn article on the drive to become a business owner, which he references in this episode.
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