David Scott Nava on transforming his career from Military to Salesforce Architect and Mentor [VIDEO]

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We’re joined in today’s episode by David Scott Nava, who works for Salesforce in the US.  

David knows more than a thing or two about goal setting and focus. Having enjoyed a lengthy military career, as he neared retirement from his naval duties, David applied a strategic approach to his next move, which he shares with us.  

He talks us through what that journey looked like, how he first discovered Salesforce and how building a personal brand has enabled him to get to where he is today.  He shares the challenges he faced, the opportunities that he’s made for himself, and how he helps others to find similar success today.  

As an active and inspirational member of the Salesforce Ohana, make sure you’re following David by connecting on LinkedIn, and he’s working on a number of resources to help and inspire currently.  

Enjoy the episode!

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