Talent Hub TV Episode 20 with David Liu [VIDEO]

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Talent Hub is proud to introduce the twentieth episode of the Talent Hub TV series. Here, Talent Hub Founder, Ben Duncombe meets respected Salesforce professionals and thought leaders to learn more about their fascinating stories and industry insights.

This month’s guest, Salesforce MVP, Google Technical Architect and creator of SFDC99, David Liu, joins Ben live from Down Under Dreaming Brisbane, to share his own Salesforce journey.

When you think of Salesforce development, for a lot of people, his name springs to mind.  David famously taught himself to code, and now is at the point to have the CTA held firmly in his sights. He’s an inspiration to many.
As a result of his own experiences, David founded a very successful and renowned blog and resources hub, SFDC99, which has visitors daily from all over the globe, benefitting from his easy to follow tutorials. He explained to us, and the audience at Down Under Dreaming, that absolutely anybody can teach themselves to code, and more importantly perhaps, why he thinks that they should.
Since his first steps of teaching himself Apex, David has been awarded Salesforce MVP status six times, as well as the inaugural Salesforce Developer Golden Hoodie at the 2018 Dreamforce, and has 17 Salesforce certifications under his belt to date.
In this episode, we discuss his views on Salesforce development, the Admin/Dev hybrid role, what he looks for when he’s interviewing talent, and his top pieces of advice for those considering a move into the Salesforce industry.

Make sure you’re following David on LinkedIn and Twitter at @dvdkliu for updates, and his globally acclaimed blog and resources portal, SFDC99 – Salesforce coding lessons for the 99%.

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