Talent Hub TV Episode 23 with Olga Rankin [VIDEO]

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Talent Hub is proud to introduce the twenty-third episode of the Talent Hub TV series. Here, Talent Hub Founder, Ben Duncombe meets respected Salesforce professionals and thought leaders to learn more about their fascinating stories and industry insights.

This month’s guest, Olga Rankin is Employee Experience Director at Simplus and we take a deep dive into what the role entails and how she works day-to-day to effectively influence a positive workplace both generally, and specifically, within a Salesforce Partner environment.

We talk to Olga about recruitment – how to hire for attitude as well as skill set, and how to ensure an engaging on and offboarding process. She gives insight into retaining and managing staff through acquisitions and challenging projects, alongside the client site component, elements common within the consulting world, and how to build and maintain a good culture when teams can’t always be together in the physical sense.

We also tackle the topic of pay increases, with the particular context of the Salesforce ecosystem, and Olga shares her views, as well as some tips if you’re considering your own pay and how to approach asking for a raise.

Lastly, Olga shares what she loves the most about the Salesforce Ohana and the opportunity that the industry presents.


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