Eugene Neborak on the growing Marketing Cloud space [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Australia based Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architect Manager, Eugene Neborak.
Throughout the episode we discuss how he found his way into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud space and the different roles that he’s played over the years, as well as how the experience can differ depending on whether you’re client or consulting side. 
He explains the skills required, not only for working with Marketing Cloud itself, but also for delivering successful projects, given that Eugene works for a large consulting partner. We delve into best practices and highly effective communications, as well as what can go wrong on a project, and how to avoid issues.
The Salesforce Marketing Space has ramped up at pace in the last 12 months and Eugene offers insight into why this could be, and what excites him the most forward looking when it comes to the platform and the products coming down the line.
Make sure you’re following Eugene on LinkedIn for his insights, and reach out to him with any questions that you may have, as he’s more than happy to assist you on your journey or provide any help.
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