Felix Nilam on transitioning his career from Salesforce consulting to client side [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Australia based Salesforce Architect and Program Manager, Felix Nilam.

As a previous guest of Talent Hub TV right back in episode 2, we reconnect with Felix to discuss his recent transition from a long tenure within the consulting space, to a recent move to client side.

He shares what motivated him to make the change, his experiences so far, and the observations he’s made. 

We delve into whether his new environment has shifted his perception of topics such as Salesforce certifications and time management, amongst other elements, and he goes on to explain the new skills that he’s acquired on this side of the ecosystem.

It was great to catch up with Felix again, and if you missed his first appearance with us, you can catch it here.

Make sure that you’re following Felix on LinkedIn to stay connected, and if you have any questions, then he is happy to chat with you online.
We hope you enjoy the chat!



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