Gaurav Kheterpal on the SAIMA initiative, the power of Community, and a spotlight on the Salesforce ecosystem in India [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Gaurav Kheterpal who is based in India, and whom you may have seen speak at a Salesforce event previously, given that he’s an active and generous contributor within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Gaurav shares his journey with us, both prior to Salesforce and within his current role; and as a holder of 33 Salesforce certs, we talk about his views on certifications and the approach he takes.

Gaurav talks to us about the SAIMA initiative, which is a free-spirited community group for global Salesforce Architects to collaborate and study for related topics, and his own Architect journey.  

It was great to hear more about the Indian Salesforce ecosystem from Gaurav, and whilst travel is limited in the current climate, we travel in the mind as we talk with Gaurav about Salesforce events over the years, across the world that he’s been involved in.  

As a very active figure within the world of Salesforce, we recommend that you follow Gaurav on LinkedIn and Twitter, via his handle, @gauravkhterpal, to enjoy his content.

Gaurav can also be found on the Salesforce Stack Exchange and via his blog. Make sure you also check out the SAIMA Group, for opportunities to get involved.  

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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