Lilith Van Biesen on her Salesforce CTA journey and lifting others up on their own [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Salesforce CTA and Principal Architect, Lilith Van Biesen, who is based in Belgium.
Throughout the episode we discuss how she first found her way into the Salesforce ecosystem, and what inspired her to set her sights on the Salesforce CTA. She explains why gamification resonated so keenly with her, and the resources, people and coaching in the ecosystem who she sought insights, knowledge and motivation from.
As a Salesforce CTA, Lilith talks us through her journey, her experiences of the Review Board and the partial pass, how she approached study, and why she now finds giving back so rewarding.
We talk about talent attraction and how companies can best position themselves and their roles to appeal to Salesforce CTAs and upcoming Salesforce talent.
Make sure you’re following Lilith on LinkedIn for her insights and feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have, as she’s more than happy to assist you on your journey.
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