BONUS Q&A: Salesforce careers and the current market with Chris Hopper and Ben Duncombe [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we share a LinkedIn Live Q&A with previous guest, USA-based Salesforce Recruiter, Christopher Hopper.
Chris and Ben take a host of candid questions from our audience around all kinds of Salesforce job-related topics and answer them based on their experience and current market trends. They cover a broad range and so there may be a question there that you’ve been wondering yourself.
We regularly catch up with Chris on the podcast, as he’s a popular voice with our listeners on the job market. There are several previous episodes that we recorded at past Dreamforce events and throughout the year with him, including insightful conversations with others in the ecosystem, for candid chats, predictions and observations. If you’ve missed any of these, then head back through the show to catch up on what you missed.

Christopher comes from a technical background himself which gives him a unique insight, and he’s a valuable voice and content creator to follow on social media. 

You can find him on LinkedIn, or visit his website for articles, videos, and information.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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