Sam Wadhwani – The unspoken word on the CTA journey [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Salesforce CTA and author of The Accessible Architect website, Sam Wadhwani.

Throughout the chat, Sam shares his early career background and how he initially became a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, having worked with Siebel previously.

We talk about his own personal journey to CTA, both in terms of technical capability, and the mental challenge of undertaking such intense preparation, which forced him to look differently at the idea of balance to achieve success.

Sam gives a really candid insight into the less spoken about challenges of the CTA journey, including overcoming disappointment and highlighting the benefits of self assessment in order to play to your strengths and listen to your inner-voice.

Sam is committed to supporting others on this journey in terms of wellness, mental stamina and emotional well-being through his work with The Accessible Architect. Make sure you’re following Sam on LinkedIn to stay connected, and that you check out The Accessible Architect for invaluable content. If you have any questions, then Sam can also be tweeted at @accessiblearch.

We specifically reference the article, It’s Okay to Feel Incapable in the episode, which you can read here, and don’t forget to check out our episode sponsors, FlowRepublic for details about their Elite Salesforce Academy coaching. A big thank you for their support in bringing you this episode.

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