Meradith Stretz on developing her skills to build a successful freelance Salesforce career [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by freelance Salesforce Administrator and Manager, all the way from Kansas City in the USA, Meradith Stretz.
Meradith shares her journey into the world of I.T and Salesforce, having excelled in the Arts in her education and early career, and how that came about.
She talks us through the challenges she’s overcome in her previous roles, how she has built on and progressed her skills, and her approach to self-learning.
Meradith takes a strategic approach when working with new customers, and she explains how she’s able to add value quickly, and drive adoption through the angle of understanding.
Meradith’s story is inspiring, and it’s a candid chat where we explore self-doubt and believing in ourselves to achieve greatness.
Make sure you’re following Meradith on LinkedIn, and a big thank you to Chris Hopper for making the introduction.
Enjoy the episode!


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