Mia Pacey on effectively transitioning into a Salesforce role within your current organisation and finding a passion for the platform [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Salesforce Administrator, Golden Hoodie recipient, and Salesforce Women in Tech co-leader for Sydney, Mia Pacey.

Mia shares her early career and background, how she became a part of the Salesforce ecosystem initially in her role, and how she has continued to upskill in the platform.
Mia talks us through the Salesforce products and tools which she uses and how she has learnt more about each through her preferred methods of learning, of which she explains, isn’t the same for everyone. She also gives us some insights on the differences between not-for-profit and commercial Salesforce orgs.
Having recently been awarded the Salesforce Golden Hoodie, Mia shares with us how it happened, how she felt when it was announced and what it means to her.
Through her own experiences, Mia shares valuable tips and advice in this episode for others who are looking to get involved in Salesforce projects in their current organisation where they perhaps aren’t currently in a Salesforce role.
Make sure you’re following Mia on LinkedIn to stay connected, and that you check out the Salesforce Women in Tech group for upcoming get-togethers.
You can find Mia’s YouTube channel at Pace Yourself for useful tutorials to help you on your journey.
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