Kris Moyse on growing a Salesforce product business [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode we’re joined by Kris Moyse who is a co-Founder of Proximity Insight, a Salesforce AppExchange product for the retail industry.
We delved into what led Kris into the Salesforce ecosystem having previously launched a successful business in South Australia, and the roles that he initially played throughout his career.
We talk about the Apps that Kris and his business partner, Matt Lacey, initially developed, and how they have got to the point that they are today, specialising in the retail sector. We hone in on the skillsets required for a product company and which specific challenges Kris and Matt have encountered as they grow the business, of building a product on the Salesforce platform.
This is the first podcast episode we’ve captured which focuses exclusively on a Salesforce product business, and it was really interesting to hear more from Kris. We hope you enjoy listening and make sure you follow Kris on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the Proximity Insight growth story!

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