Rohit Kumar on the Indian Salesforce ecosystem and nurturing upcoming talent [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by India based Salesforce CTA and CTO of Venerate Solutions, Rohit Kumar.

Rohit talks us through what first attracted him into the world of Salesforce, and to pursue the CTA path, as part of what has been a varied and successful career to date, having worked directly for Salesforce previously, and utilised his Salesforce skills for a period of working in Europe. 

He explains how he benefited from his time working in the European market, and shares a detailed insight into the huge Salesforce ecosystem in India. We talk about the unique challenges there, the growth that the region has experienced, how the perception of the platform has evolved over time, and his predictions for future growth.

Rohits explains the RPA space which he is now involved in with Venerate Solutions and how it complements Salesforce; how the business started, and the gap in the market that they capitalised on. We talk about developing talent, and how they are facilitating bringing more talent into the ecosystem. 

Finally, we talk about Rohit’s journey to CTA, what worked for him and the tips that he shares with others considering undertaking the challenge.

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