What it takes to become a CTA session at Virtual Dreamin 2020 with Jannis Bott, Emely Patra, Fahad Akhtar and Sebastian Wagner [VIDEO]

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Salesforce Certified Technical Architects, Jannis Bott, Emely Patra, Fahad Akhtar and Sebastian Wagner shared their stories, expertise and insights at a session at this year’s Virtual Dreamin, moderated by Talent Hub’s Ben Duncombe.
A Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle credential anyone can hold in Salesforce ecosystem and Ben spoke to the panel to find the answers to questions such as:
  • People often underestimate the sacrifices that need to be made, in preparation for becoming a CTA. How would you describe the level of commitment required?
  • Did you ever feel that you wouldn’t meet your goal of becoming  a CTA? If so, how did you push through that?
  • How important did you find it, to have the support of a manager or mentor through your journey to CTA and how did their support help?
  • With the Salesforce platform and ecosystem now being so broad, how much of it do you believe that someone needs to be across and how deep can you really go?
  • Was there specific experience you had gained before moving into the Salesforce ecosystem, that you felt was key to you becoming a CTA?
  • How much does the role of an Architect differ across Consulting, ISV and End user companies.. and is one environment better for aspiring CTA’s than another?
  • What should aspiring Architects be looking for, when considering new challenges that they hope will prepare them for the CTA journey?
  • Is it realistic for someone that cannot code, to become a CTA and if so, what degree of exposure to coding would they need?
  • A number of the sessions at virtual dreamin focus of soft skills. Which soft skills are really key for the an Architect?
  • Does the journey to being a great Architect end when you become a CTA?

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