The ANZ Salesforce Talent Survey 2024: Insights (PART 1) with Ben Duncombe

The ANZ Salesforce Talent Survey 2024: Insights (PART 1) with Ben Duncombe

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In this week’s episode of the Talent Hub Talk, we cover the results of Talent Hub’s annual ANZ Salesforce Survey, of which Part 1 focuses on the results from Salesforce professionals, followed by next fortnight, where we bring you insights from Salesforce managers. You can download your copy of the ANZ Salesforce Market Survey here:

In this podcast, listen to Ben’s response to the data, what he believes that it means and why, and how it compares to what he’s seeing on the ground day to day. We look at what Salesforce professionals look for in a new role, where their ambitions lie, and where they most want to work, amongst other data points. Whilst this survey relates to the Australia and New Zealand regions, we’d love to know whether it falls in line with your region. Tell us in a written review in whichever app you use to listen to your podcasts what you’re seeing, as we’re keen to hear from other regions.

You can also take a peek back at our 2023 survey on our website to see how the market has evolved over the last 12 months:

We hope that you enjoy the episode!



  • 51% of Salesforce professionals have been in the ecosystem for eight years or longer Remuneration is the top reason for professionals leaving their last role
  • Flexibility is an important consideration for professionals when looking for new roles Redundancies have impacted 9% of Salesforce professionals
  • Most professionals prefer full-time roles and visit job boards infrequently
  • Many professionals aspire to start their own business within the Salesforce ecosystem



(00:00) Introduction and overview of the survey

(01:17) Longevity in the Salesforce ecosystem

(04:38) The importance of flexibility in job satisfaction

(05:10) Impact of redundancies on the Salesforce market

(05:44) Preference for full-time roles and job board usage

(09:36) The rise of entrepreneurship in the Salesforce ecosystem


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