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Xi Xiao from the Salesforce Way Podcast recently reached out to Talent Hub to guest star on a podcast episode focusing on Salesforce careers. We discussed career paths, the different options to specialise in within the Salesforce ecosystem, and the value of partnering with a good recruiter throughout your career, not just when you’re transitioning from one job to another.

You can listen to the chat here:

Podcast featuring Ben Duncombe: Career Tips for Salesforce Recruiters


Intro to Ben and Talent Hub

01:20 – About Ben and Talent Hub
02:31 – Value provided to the Salesforce market via LinkedIn and social media
03:20 – What benefit is there to me having an ongoing relationship with a Salesforce recruiter?
04:28 – How a recruiter can help your career as a partner, not just to use for a job search
05:45 – The Salesforce market and the skills in demand can shift significantly while you’re happy in your role
06:30 – The Salesforce recruitment market globally
07:40 – There are a number of factors to consider staying on top of, outside of salary
09.03 – How does Talent Hub operate as a business model? There’s no cost to a candidate
10.00 – Other things that are important for Salesforce professionals to keep in mind
11:20 – Frustrations of hiring in the Salesforce market
12:30 – Things to consider if you want to be a Salesforce contractor

Salesforce career path options

13:07 – At what point can a permanent employee transition to a good contractor
14.08 – The limitations of being a Salesforce contractor long term
14:00 – The hardest Salesforce roles to fill and why
17:31 – Are people blinkered by the CTA path?
19:36 – Alternatives to progress outside of the CTA path

Salesforce skills to differentiate yourself in the market

20:55 – The importance of soft skills
21:15 –  The manager path
22:10 – The value of having an opinion and delivering it in the best way
23:51 – The lack of technical people that want to manage in the Salesforce market in ANZ
25:01 – Delegating the most interesting tasks to those in your team
26:20 – Recommendations and getting clear on what you want and what drives you
28:00 – How to do figure out what you want from your career and what it will look like for your job search


I hope this podcast helps you to consider whether there are several paths of ambition to pursue to make you stand out from the pack in your Salesforce career, how to get clear on what drives you and gaps in the Salesforce market.

A special thanks to Xi Xiao, host of Salesforce Way podcast, for inviting Talent Hub to give our views on this topic. The Salesforce Way podcast teaches advanced Salesforce developer skills through podcasts, videos, and more.

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