Toby Wilcock on the sales side of the Salesforce ecosystem [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode we speak with Toby Wilcock, CEO of Salesforce Partner, Cloudwerx, and tap into his deep knowledge and experience of the sales side of the Salesforce ecosystem. 

We asked Toby how Salesforce projects come to fruition, how the relationship with a Partner and Salesforce works, and the nuances that lie within that dynamic.

He explains the sales cycle itself in detail within the episode, and how economic factors and shocks can play into that cycle, and it’s speed. He also gives an insight into how a Partner can go about managing pipeline and headcount within the project space.

 Toby has a background in sales, and has previously worked within a range of Partner sizes, both through selection, and acquisition.

He explains the different scale and size of Salesforce Partner, and how that can impact on your role, and the type of projects that you’d be more likely to be working on.

He talks us through the changes that he’s seen in the ecosystem over the years, and what a customer looks like, as well as the expectation of their Salesforce Partner. 

It was fascinating hearing about the sales side of the ecosystem with Toby and we recommend that you follow him on LinkedIn for future updates, as well as the Cloudwerx LinkedIn page

You can catch up on the episode we recorded with Cloudwerx’s Chris Baldock here. Enjoy the listen

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