Which Salesforce certifications are most in demand?

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We get asked this question regularly but in our opinion, there isn’t one Salesforce certification that is more in demand than any others across the whole market.. except the CTA (Certified Technical Architect).

Unless you are applying to work on a specific cloud project, or to join an industry/company that uses certain Salesforce products – then we don’t think you can predict which certification will be most in demand, at a macro level.

So how would we pick which certs to do?

  • We would first recommend that you look to get certified in the areas you already know, and have worked with before. If you have the knowledge, there is no reason not to get certified (excluding the cost) in our opinion.
  • We suggest that you should identify the industries/companies that you are interested in working in/for and look at the products they are using. If you want to work in government for example, then Service Cloud and Communities are probably going to be more useful than some of the other certifications.
  • Finally, we would advise that you look at the Salesforce certifications that really interest you, with topics that you have a genuine interest in learning and that help you towards your longer term goals.. rather than trying to pick a certification, hoping that it will be in demand right now.

If you are entering the Salesforce world and looking for direction on which certifications to get first, it really depends on your role or aspirations. As an example, the Salesforce Platform Developer I makes sense for a Salesforce Developer, but may not be as relevant for a Salesforce Administrator. A Salesforce Administrator would find the Salesforce Administrator or Advanced Salesforce Administrator certification more relevant, for example.

Which Salesforce certification is next for you, and why? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Hopefully this information has provided some clarity, and will help you in your decision of which Salesforce certification is right for you. If you require any insight on Salesforce job types and responsibilities to help you on your journey, you can check out this article which goes into detail on Salesforce job titles and the corresponding Salesforce certifications – https://talent-hub.com.au/types-salesforce-roles/.

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